The Satellite DJ Project 1

going back a few years….


If you’re satisfied with the status quo stop reading here.  However, if you’re among those of us who’ve ever felt the magnetic, pulsating, relentless need for change then plug in and blast off with The Satellite DJ Project 1.  I’ve always wanted to write a conceptual record much like The Who’s Tommy or Pink Floyd’s The Wall.  Although the Satellite DJ straddles the line between stark experimentalism and sublime alt. rock melodies, the listener can’t help piecing together a story of sort.  The soundscape mirrors a hybrid of gossiping synth, effects laden guitars and mesmerizing vocals. I wanted to create the love child of Pink Floyd and Beck. I’m not ashamed to admit my influences.  We all have them.

On this project, I wanted to combine my passion for space exploration, emotional expression and interesting music.  I basically wanted to transport my ideas and studio into space. My initial…

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