From The Studio To The Stage

The process of transforming studio recorded songs to the live setting is very expressive.  Part of you wants to replicate the songs in rehearsal and on stage, and the other part of you wants to let the song take form and breathe.  I think the key is that the listener should identify with both versions of the song: live and recorded.  The Room Full Of Gardens EP was written in my studio track by track.  The stems were taken to Yellow Couch Studio and completed.  So these songs actually have never been played by a band or group of players.  Interesting how different the recipe can be when writing songs.  Occasionally, songs are crafted in a live rehearsal environment and sometimes they take shape over the course of years.  The most important aspect is completion.  Ideas To Art is the concept of taking an idea and making it art. I try not to leave ideas hanging around.  I want to go through the A to Z process and finish a song so people can hear it and evoke emotion. Sometimes photographers take hundreds of photos to get that special one.

I’ve been using my iPhone to video record ideas and it’s been a very valuable tool.  I use reference comments on the video (guitar in tuned to open E, capo placed …etc) this way I can go back and see finger placement.  This is easier than going back to an audio recording and re-learning the progression.

Last night I had great session with some great players from Pittsburgh.  I am very excited about the prospects of this group. The intangibles are in place and versatility won’t be a problem. Below are a couple shots of Bruce on keys.  He had his first rehearsal with us last night.  It was great!  photo 2photo z


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