The Warm Auction Preview

The Covid19 pandemic wasn’t all that bad in how it nourished a song writing phase. At some point you have to decide what you’re going to do with the isolatory time you are afforded. I split time between fitness, reading and songwriting. Life changes always bring decisions to your doorstep. Songwriting is never explicit for me. The words always have to travel through a lense of censorship for a few reasons not worth getting into. Understanding who you are, through months of self reflection, can be discussed with people in your “circle” (which gets smaller as we age) or it can simply be written. The Warm Auction was an idea that easily became productive. The songs and ideas came fast. The concept of the TWA was a play on words that created the template for the songs. I wanted to create a warm production sound in my own studio using classic recording techniques and vintage instruments (auction purchased). My only departure was with the drum programming using Logic X Drummer. A modernized tool for sure. You can change the drummer’s playing style by choosing different presets, tweaking the generated pattern using various settings, or having Drummer regions follow the rhythm of another track in the project.


release date: December 23, 2020 on all streaming platforms.

Robby Eldridge– (all words & music)- guitar, bass, programming, keys, banjo, percussion, all vocals
Sam Baldigowski- pedal steel, lapsteel, mandolin
Shawn Mazzei – lead guitar, slide guitar

Mastered by Dan Bozek


Loving Well

Hey, how many times, can I drink from the same watering hole?

Well I guess it’s been- close to a hundred days in a row

Ain’t no doubt that it tastes good – at least the way that it should

Well my feet are so sore yea- they done gone through hell

There’s a worn path, back and forth, from your loving well

The way I see it- it seems so clear- when you walk so far

but you seem so near- when your heart belongs to a complex kid-

it’s hard to remember what you did- and our souls won the war-

Yes they done gone through hell- they’re walking hand in hand-

Back and forth- from your loving well-there’s a worn path – back and forth

From your loving well…

Turn it up some heart yea- roll it down to the well yea (repeat)

Darkness, Learn To See

Some sidestep the mourning-never open the door- they just keep walking

Right past it- there’s no healing by looking in it’s eyes-

Or kneeling at the feet- that broke you- my only disguise came from-

Standing in the darkness- with a match in one hand-

and a candle in the other- well I chose the darkness-

it’s where I learned to see- where my mind can be-

A little more like me


and I never feared the alone- still a king but I -lack a throne

A place to call my home – and turn my key

So I took the pass- I walked down the road- it was paved-

With so much meaning-well I dragged my feet-

that were filled with indecision- I was behind- all the living

And I found the race to be long-it was filled with some forgiving

And company with the living-well I chose the darkness-

it’s where I learned to see- where my mind can be-

A little more like me-


Sit In Irons

Behind the eyes- lives the yearning – while the house burns away

Don’t ask why- be discerning- how far can you walk in a day?

Inject some meaning-kick aside that strife- the momentum

Will show the way- so keep on – keeping on- is all they seem to say


The say (repeat)

Soon enough-you’ll turn the corner- find calm water- you sail to prove

Sit in irons- take some time to think- go on liberty- and have a few

Rest your head up- like another hangover- a cool glass of water

Is what you do- so make the most – of your chance- change your colors

Replace the blue-


The blue (repeat)

Coming In Real Thin

The dreams come alive- in my bed- you’re trying to make sense of it all

Just taking in your environment – and you feel left out from the riddle that you told- and there you stand- try to deal with all the banishment- because nothing went as planned


So you’re coming in real thin- yes you’re coming in real thin-

I spent a little time- in my head- trying to make sense of it all

Before I send along my sentiments

I got myself in the middle of the road- with outstretched hands-if you’re coming around looking for punishment- you know these aren’t the right hands.



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