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Steelesque To Drop Live EP April 1st | The Basement Tapes Volume 1


One night, the spring of 2014, five guys played some good music in Sonic Planet Studios, Pittsburgh PA. I decided to set up a room mic (Rode NT1a) , guitar mic (Shure 58 Beta) and hit record. I eventually went back to have a listen and the moment was there. Big-brash-rock and roll drums that I couldn’t really EQ, tasty and free flowing slide guitar, mando licks and lockdown piano. A great sonic canvas for songs I wrote last year. It was a different interpretation of each of the songs but it worked this night. It certainly wasn’t a perfect performance by any means but the emotive appeal supersedes the perfect mistakes. Download and drag these songs into your iTunes Library. I mean……they’re free.

Sealed In Wax,



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Rooms Full Of Gardens – Rob Eldridge and the dreamy coalescence of alternates. (Music Review)

Many Thanks to Lisa Thatcher.

Lisa Thatcher


Rooms Full Of Gardens

Rob Eldridge

Buy your copy here.  (Download, CD, and Vinyl)

So Rob Eldridge, the voice in front of Steelesque, takes a break from the Stones infected throbbing of the band and floats out on his own cloud of introspection in an album deceptively melodically svelte, all the while harboring a lyrical intimacy that pampers the intellect with its complexity, called Rooms Full Of Gardens. The primary difference here between the band and the man is the sublimation of a rock edge, Eldrige appealing more to a folksy reflection on his rock passions than with the outright ode Steelesque represents. In many ways the album is an exercise in the positing of lyrics against the relaxed nature of a laid back aesthetic. Room Full Of Gardens evokes the image of Eldridge and his guitar on a sunlit clipped lawn, a lazy stoned audience before him…

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