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  • Vinyl Release Update

    I appreciate everybody’s patience during this learning experience for me.  I never realized the timeline/length of the vinyl process.  I am happy to say the record should be delivered to me by the end of September. Which means it will be in your hands a week or two later.  Mid October would be a conservative […]


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  • Kickstarter Friends And Backers!!

    So this is where we are folks……and decisions need to be made soon which will require some feedback from YOU!  Below is the tentative artwork for the vinyl record. I was able to add a lot of you to the liner notes on the back sleeve of the LP.  I certainly wouldn’t be here without […]

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  • Kickstarter News And Ramblings

    So the deal goes likes this…..I have a lot of wicked cool people in my life. I believe art should sustain itself. Making art should help you support your passion. It takes work because showcasing art is not a chip on the pitch (although I love chipping 20 yd balls off the crossbar time to […]

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  • Rob Eldridge, Kickstarter + You = EP Released On Vinyl!

    Be generous and assist in this goal.  The “Rooms Full Of Gardens” EP will be released July 1st.  Let’s make that release on Vinyl!  Prizes to had folks.  Click on Kickstarter Logo for details.

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  • Reckless Mind Tricks And Artsy Brainstorms

    So I just realized how much planning and brainstorming is required in properly releasing a creative project.  In this case an EP.  The only thing I’m firm on right now is track order, title and mastering company. Now the real work ensues with following topics circulating in my head like a paperback book in a […]

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