Tag: live performance

  • Rehearsal Footage

    Performing “Reign Of Rain” with Rob Eldridge Group-Steelesque.  

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  • From The Studio To The Stage

    The process of transforming studio recorded songs to the live setting is very expressive.  Part of you wants to replicate the songs in rehearsal and on stage, and the other part of you wants to let the song take form and breathe.  I think the key is that the listener should identify with both versions […]


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  • Reign Of Rain & Cuts And Scars

      Track 1 from Rob Eldridge’s Upcoming EP “Rooms Full Of Gardens”.  Track title: Reign Of Rain Live performance of Cuts and Scars in Sonic Planet Studios

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  • Reckless Mind Tricks And Artsy Brainstorms

    So I just realized how much planning and brainstorming is required in properly releasing a creative project.  In this case an EP.  The only thing I’m firm on right now is track order, title and mastering company. Now the real work ensues with following topics circulating in my head like a paperback book in a […]

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