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  • Welcome Instagram Friends!!!

      I hope all you vinyl collectors and aficionados can dig into my last record available now on VINYL!  Click album cover and check it out! Follow me on Instagram @robeldridgemusic or Twitter  

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  • Kickstarter News And Ramblings

    So the deal goes likes this…..I have a lot of wicked cool people in my life. I believe art should sustain itself. Making art should help you support your passion. It takes work because showcasing art is not a chip on the pitch (although I love chipping 20 yd balls off the crossbar time to […]


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  • Reckless Mind Tricks And Artsy Brainstorms

    So I just realized how much planning and brainstorming is required in properly releasing a creative project.  In this case an EP.  The only thing I’m firm on right now is track order, title and mastering company. Now the real work ensues with following topics circulating in my head like a paperback book in a […]

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  • New EP And Lurssen Mastering – A Winning Combination

    EP is being mastered as we speak by Rueben Cohen!! Meanwhile enjoy this rough cut of “Life’s Commercials”.

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  • Update On The New EP by Rob Eldridge

    Through the past few months I’ve clutched a unique instrument that has reciprocated the devotion generated through our relationship. The instrument was a Craigslist find. Stella was a brand of guitars owned by the Oscar Schmidt Company and was founded around 1899.  Notable users include Kurt Cobain (used one on the tune Polly), Ben Gibbard- […]

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