Kickstarter News And Ramblings

So the deal goes likes this…..I have a lot of wicked cool people in my life.

I believe art should sustain itself.

Making art should help you support your passion.

It takes work because showcasing art is not a chip on the pitch (although I love chipping 20 yd balls off the crossbar time to time…I said Ramblings remember??).

It took a lot of preliminary work to put together a KickStarter.

Lot’s of T’s and I’s.

This is when I start to think about cool people.

Most everyone reading this knows I reached my goal with a successful campaign.

I want to thank you all for digging in and believing in perseverance.

Upon reflection I’ve grown more humble and appreciative as a person. Which were two particular traits I thought I was pretty solid on. haha!

I’m completing a very detailed process in ordering my new EP on vinyl ….that I’ve been told is a 8 week turnaround.

Knocked out a youth soccer gig with 50+ 5-10 year olds, that are magical with very cool coaches.

I’m designing cool mercy to send to all my KickStart/CrowdFunding friends (tee, stickers, firetrucks)

The EP “Rooms Full Of Gardens” was my mirror for 6 months and this happened…and now will be released July 1st on iTunes and Spotify!

An eclectic hybrid of popular music driven by classic melodic sensibility whipped up into a six song EP. Lush acoustic arrangements.

I have a goal to write 100 songs by July 1st 2015.

I am on summer break.

I have ambition.

Love my family.

Make good memories don’t have them.


Support people.

Champions are made when nobody’s watching y’all.

Track Listing For “Rooms Full Of Gardens

  • 1- Reign Of Rain*
  • 2- Life’s Commercials*
  • 3- Reverse The Sun*
  • 4- A Man With Three Names
  • 5- Feed The Wolf
  • 6- White Off Rice

Produced by Steven Foxbury & Rob Eldridge Mixed by Steven Foxbury in Yellow Couch Studio, Pittsburgh PA USA

Recorded in Sonic Planet Studio and Yellow Couch Studio, Pittsburgh PA

Mastered by Rueben Cohen- Lurssen Mastering Inc. Hollywood CA USA

Lacquer Master – Ron McMaster – Capitol Studios, CA

Rob Eldridge- Music & Lyrics Rob Eldridge- lead vocals, acoustic guitar, slide acoustic, keys, banjo, bass, drum programming, percussion

Steven Foxbury- backing vocals, guitar on “Feed The Wolf”

Joseph Piacquadio- lead guitar*



Reckless Mind Tricks And Artsy Brainstorms

So I just realized how much planning and brainstorming is required in properly releasing a creative project.  In this case an EP.  The only thing I’m firm on right now is track order, title and mastering company. Now the real work ensues with following topics circulating in my head like a paperback book in a tornado: Kickstarter, vinyl, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Shazaam, duplication, distribution, live performance, promotion, investors, social media, review outlets and bloggers.

These sort of things don’t lend themselves to kindly to the creative process. I mean how can I start writing again and ignore exposing these little gems I’ve recorded? Songs not exposed or revealed to listeners remain unborn and never grow. So my plan is to get behind these songs and give them wings. Till next time…..send me an love to hear from all artists and people.


Update On The New EP by Rob Eldridge

Through the past few months I’ve clutched a unique instrument that has reciprocated the devotion generated through our relationship. The instrument was a Craigslist find. Stella was a brand of guitars owned by the Oscar Schmidt Company and was founded around 1899.  Notable users include Kurt Cobain (used one on the tune Polly), Ben Gibbard- Death Cab For Cutie and Lead Belly.  Stella was acquired by the Harmony Company in 1939. The brand was dissolved in 1974, and has since been reintroduced by M.B.T. International, who are now the Harmony Company’s corporate parent.


I purchased a 1965 Stella for $60 bucks.  This guitar has a unique sound and through my research I learned that it’s often used as an old blues box.  I tuned mine in the open E tuning started to discover some amazing sounds when played with a finger-picking style.  I also added some slide techniques and immediately started to write a batch of songs.  The songs came quickly and the guitar sounded phenomenal mic’d up with a fairly low budget Rode NT1a.

I pulled out some old and new lyrics that I had lying around and started to arrange an acoustic based group of tunes.  I’ve always written songs in batches so to speak.  These collection of songs could best be described as very subtle and soft.  The arrangements were complex in nature but simple sounding.  I wanted to limit the tracks.  I set a goal to not go beyond 8-10 tracks and let the songs breathe.  All songs were tracked in my home studio. (Logic X – the drummer feature is amazing by the way).  When completing each song I started to create simple melodies to weave throughout.  I mostly compose melodies by humming or playing electric piano.  In the end I had 4 songs sitting at 80% completion mainly due to the fact that I made the personal promise to myself not to over edit by stacking tons of instrumentation/midi.

During this time I was communicating with Steven Foxbury at Yellow Couch Studios.  I knew in my heart that Steven was going to be part of this project.  Steven is a very talented musician, arranger, singer and mostly listener.  For me songs have to elicit emotions.  A simple vocal change or instrument choice can change the mood of a song.  He is very aware of this and understands where I was heading or where I went to get there.  I remember singing these songs and recall the feelings I had so I was adamant about maintaining the feel.  I trusted Steven and when we holed up in Yellow Couch Studio it all started to unfold.  There were magical moments that made us laugh, smile and understand.  The vocal arrangements took shape and became the fingerprint of the project.  So when you eventually get the chance to truly listen these songs the lyrics should hopefully place your ear in an uncommon space.

Usually when I dive into the recording process I don’t write new songs.  That hasn’t been the case recently.  I wrote and recorded 3 songs while mixing the other 4.  Two of these songs ended up on this EP.

I am really excited about the completion of this project called “Reverse The Sun”.  The songlist currently stands at:

Reverse The Sun, Man With Three Names, Reign Of Rain, Life’s Commercials, Feed The Wolf and White Off Rice.  I am really proud of the lyrical content on this EP.  I really believe that the dichotomy between the music and words gives the EP a quiet strength.

The EP will be mastered by Rueben Cohen, at Lurrsen Mastering in Hollywood CA.  He has mastered albums, singles and/or compilations for artists such as Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros, Incubus, Bruno Mars, Far East Movement, Skylar Grey, Snoop Dogg, Tyrese, Skylar Grey, Little Feat, Dev, Rob Zombie, Ingrid Michaelson, Marc Cohn, and Scott Weiland. Soundtracks include, Slumdog Millionaire, Pitch Perfect, Despicable Me 2, Disney’s Tangled and Cars 2, Across The Universe, Identity Thief, and Bridesmaids.  I am very thankful to my friend Jimmy Hoyson for making this contact a reality.  Jimmy is a very talented Producer/Engineer and is in high demand and has worked with artists such as Michael Jackson, Ben Harper, Sheryl Crow, James Taylor, Lou Reed, Goo Goo Dolls and many more!