“Feed The Wolf”, By Rob Eldridge

Thank You Adam PacMan Taylor galaxy454 for your very cool interpretation of a tune I recorded with Steven Foxbury Yellow Couch Studioa couple years ago. Tune is called “Feed The Wolf”. The entire record is available on vinyl and can be heard on most all streaming services and Apple Music Rob Eldridge- Ideas To Art. Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering. Dig in!
It’s not what you stare at – it’s more what you see
Knee deep in the different – our knees shake in the streams
I’m considered rich with my wants being cheap
Pockets full of stubborn – is all that you keep

Doesn’t matter if you feed the wolf
So feed the wolf
It’s never enough, never enough
And walk through his woods
Doesn’t matter if you feed the wolf
To a soft bed of pine
It’s never enough, never enough
Fingers through fur, so wild to the touch, together you’ll dine

Beneath all the skin – time flows through the heart
The fabric is wider and no seams come apart
Our feet walk to meet but stop at locked doors
It’s all set adrift in a boat with no oars

Some Happy Folks Received Their Vinyl

Does my heart good to see these fine folks receive their vinyl gift.  I am so appreciative of their support and how they all dug in to help me realize my dream.  It’s pretty cool to hear your music on vinyl and even cooler to see other people enjoy it.

Thank you thank you thank you!!

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Vinyl Release Update

I appreciate everybody’s patience during this learning experience for me.  I never realized the timeline/length of the vinyl process.  I am happy to say the record should be delivered to me by the end of September. Which means it will be in your hands a week or two later.  Mid October would be a conservative delivery date for all the Kickstarter contributors.

LP Back

LP Back

Matt Edwards, at United Record Pressing, Nashville TN has been my contact person.  Really nice guy who has been updating me whenever any news drops.

There also will be download card in every record pressed.  The download will be through Bandcamp.


Download – Room Full Of Gardens

Rob Eldridge, known for his band Steelesque, departs a bit from his classic-rock roots to present Rooms Full of Gardens. One might guess that in preparation for this solo effort, Eldridge has been listening to more Wilco and The Kinks than The Rolling Stones. The vocals are soft, the lyrics introspective and poetic, and while the percussion is primarily of the machine variety, it adds an edgy element rather than cheapening the experience. Definitely worth a spin or two.

— Seth Pfannenschmidt – Pittsburgh City Paper

Rob Eldridge a Burlington, Vermont Singer/Songwriter now based in Pittsburgh PA has a name around the block having supporting the following National Acts: The Jayhawks, Big Country, Government Mule, Warren Haynes, members of Phish, Blue Rodeo, Edgar Winter, Aimee Mann, Tea Leaf Green, Tumbleweed Wanderers, Big Wreck, Uncle Green, Raging Slab, Animal Bag, God Street Wine, Moonboot Lover.

After garnering accolades with his rock and roll outfit Steelesque. He decided to hole up with Producer Steven Foxbury in Yellow Couch Studio and write a batch of tunes that drew the attention of Grammy Award Winning – Mastering Engineer Rueben Cohen- Lurssen Mastering, Hollywood CA. Cohen added his dustings to the EP and Rooms Full Of Gardens was conceived. The EP can best be described as flowing 6 song acoustic atmospheric tornado that swirls with vocal harmonies reminiscent of late Beck records and the acoustic songwriting charm of a Josh Rouse offering.  Eldridge plays a 1965 pawn shop piece Stella in the open E tuning throughout. With no songs barely going past 3 minutes all the little nuggets abound like low lying fruit for starving music aficionados.











Kickstarter Friends And Backers!!

So this is where we are folks……and decisions need to be made soon which will require some feedback from YOU!  Below is the tentative artwork for the vinyl record. I was able to add a lot of you to the liner notes on the back sleeve of the LP.  I certainly wouldn’t be here without you guys!!  “Rooms Full Of Gardens” is set for digital release July 1st. You will be able to stream through iTunes Radio, Spotify and Shazaam after July 1.  The EP can be downloaded through iTunes and Bandcamp.  Upon research I have read that Bandcamp has higher quality download files.  Which means the songs might sound a little better to a trained ear.  This means the download link  you will receive from me will most likely be through Bandcamp.  You can easliy add the EP to your iTunes library by doing THIS.

Q and A…..

Would you like a download code emailed to you the first week of July or would you rather receive it in your Reward Package?

I’m adding a sticker to the $25 Reward Package and tee shirt/sticker to the $50 + Reward Package.

Timeline or Vinyl Production Breakdown:

Recording of EP: done

Mastering of EP: done

Artwork Design: done

Merchandise Design: tee-shirts in production, stickers ordered

Cut Mastering at Capitol Records/Studio: in production now and should be done by next week.

Pressing of Record on Vinyl: Once United Record Pressing (Nashville TN) receives the lacquer/metal parts from Capitol they will begin the pressing process. They have indicated that this usually takes about 8 weeks.  So if  all goes well then you all will receive your vinyl copy by mid September. I am so pumped to send these records out to people!!  Just keeping you all in the loop.


"Front of LP"

“Front of LP”

LP Back

LP Back

Kickstarter News And Ramblings

So the deal goes likes this…..I have a lot of wicked cool people in my life.

I believe art should sustain itself.

Making art should help you support your passion.

It takes work because showcasing art is not a chip on the pitch (although I love chipping 20 yd balls off the crossbar time to time…I said Ramblings remember??).

It took a lot of preliminary work to put together a KickStarter.

Lot’s of T’s and I’s.

This is when I start to think about cool people.

Most everyone reading this knows I reached my goal with a successful campaign.

I want to thank you all for digging in and believing in perseverance.

Upon reflection I’ve grown more humble and appreciative as a person. Which were two particular traits I thought I was pretty solid on. haha!

I’m completing a very detailed process in ordering my new EP on vinyl ….that I’ve been told is a 8 week turnaround. http://www.urpressing.com

Knocked out a youth soccer gig with 50+ 5-10 year olds, that are magical with very cool coaches.

I’m designing cool mercy to send to all my KickStart/CrowdFunding friends (tee, stickers, firetrucks)

The EP “Rooms Full Of Gardens” was my mirror for 6 months and this happened…and now will be released July 1st on iTunes and Spotify!

An eclectic hybrid of popular music driven by classic melodic sensibility whipped up into a six song EP. Lush acoustic arrangements.

I have a goal to write 100 songs by July 1st 2015.

I am on summer break.

I have ambition.

Love my family.

Make good memories don’t have them.


Support people.

Champions are made when nobody’s watching y’all.

Track Listing For “Rooms Full Of Gardens

  • 1- Reign Of Rain*
  • 2- Life’s Commercials*
  • 3- Reverse The Sun*
  • 4- A Man With Three Names
  • 5- Feed The Wolf
  • 6- White Off Rice

Produced by Steven Foxbury & Rob Eldridge Mixed by Steven Foxbury in Yellow Couch Studio, Pittsburgh PA USA

Recorded in Sonic Planet Studio and Yellow Couch Studio, Pittsburgh PA

Mastered by Rueben Cohen- Lurssen Mastering Inc. Hollywood CA USA

Lacquer Master – Ron McMaster – Capitol Studios, CA

Rob Eldridge- Music & Lyrics Rob Eldridge- lead vocals, acoustic guitar, slide acoustic, keys, banjo, bass, drum programming, percussion

Steven Foxbury- backing vocals, guitar on “Feed The Wolf”

Joseph Piacquadio- lead guitar*